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Friday, July 20, 2012

Oblong Books & Music - HVYAS: Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, & Sarah Rees Brennan

July 15th 2012:Oblong Books &; Music -  HVYAS: Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, & Sarah Rees Brennan

This was a completely fun event!  I learned about it from Sarah's Tumblr and HAD to go.  Not by myself of course.  I went with Blog Sister, Mel from Mel's Book Blog.

We left Albany, NY at nine 'o clock in the morning.  I wasn't really happy about the early hour (who gets out of bed that early anyway? A sin I tell you) however, for a good signing line position (for Mel, since I pre-ordered my books so I got priority signing) We had to leave early. (It's a little over an hour drive.) ^_^ I'm so very glad we did.

It's a GREAT place, and if you're ever in Rhinebeck, NY you should definitely stop in. I personally think it's one of the best small book stores I've ever been in, and I've seen quite a few.  The staff are totally fun and cool too.

Since we arrived SUPER early, I picked the brain of a staff member for the locale low down.  There was a great farmer's market going on right next door, (well the parking lot over) there are several cafes for coffee and lite breakfast.  There's also this super cool, I think dates back to civil war, hotel that I had to take a picture of:

Anyway, it was like 10:30 and we had time to kill so we went to the BEST place to eat EVER! Seriously, it's great small town cookign at it's best. Denny's and IHOP have NOTHING on this place:

If they're not really famous yet, they SHOULD BE.  It was fantastic eating. The sausage is the shiznit.

Anyway, Mel and I killed time on a bench outside for the next few hours (I forgot to take a picture of the bench) and then it started to drip.  It was really only a sporatic sprinkle so we weren't too worried when we joined the line for seating:

This was the line at 2:15PM when we joined it.  Seating started at 3, and the event started at 4. Not too bad of a position, we were like 20ish.  But then the rain started. >_< IT was cool though because the bookstore owners moved the line inside (blocking their music selection) .

Seating started promptly, and we were good children and played nice, and didn't fight over chairs. I snapped a test shot of the table from where I sat:

I think next time, there WILL be a next time, I'll sit further back a bit and perhaps on the end so I can lean out and take pictures instead of the mostly profile view.  Live and learn right? ^_^

So for an hour we were regaled by this person:

Whom, from my understanding, is co-owner of the bookstore AND a great lover of books.  She's a TOTALLY great person and if you go to the store you MUST say hello! She's got a great personality and she's totally nice. I even argued with her over the scary content of Ashes by Isla J. Bick (You might remember I received an ARC of it and reviewed it here) and that was freaking awesome.  She shushed me. Lol.

Anyhow, so to the meat and potatoes:

So in order: Holly read to us first from her not even her editor has seen so to be vampire novel. (SQUEE: Holly Black + Vampires = Love.) Then Cassie read the prologue to Clockwork Princess.  (T_T It's sooo sad but I LOVE it.) and lastly Sarah read from her newest (unpublished) book Unspoken. As you can see from Holly's reaction Sarah playing out her reading simultaneously was HILARIOUS.

Afterwards we got to ask questions in which they gave out prizes for asking. ^_^ Totally cool! Sarah was giving out ARCs of Unspoken, Holly was giving out gloves (If you've read the Curseworkers books you know why) and Cassie was giving out TMI and TID jewelry.  I sooo wanted Sarah to pick me, but sadly (not really, lol) Holly picked me. ^_^ She was out of gloves so Cassie gave her this:

It's a REALLY AWESOME Iratze Keychain. It has taken it's place on my keys and will forever stay there. (Ignore the manuscript under it. I'm in the middle of editing so it's taken a permanent place on my desk. >_<) I LOVE MY KEYCHAIN. ^_^

To continue with the fangasm, questioning went on for quite a bit before Suzanne (I'm pretty sure that's the woman I showed you a picture of in the beginning, if it's not, whoops. I know her as the keeper of the stickies) hastened a close.  HOWEVER, Cassie and Holly had one last embarrassing story to tell before they wrapped up.  About Sarah and a swimming pool, that I don't feel I have the skill to retell so I won't. But trust me when I say it was funny. 

Then we all lined up, by out signing groups (remember it was important to arrive early for Mel?) to get our books signed.  I had Demon's Lexicon, White Cat and City of Lost Souls to be signed.  I was being conservative. There were people there with BAGS, huge BAGS of books to be signed. I am pleased to report everyone got ALL their books signed. (Or at least so far they had by the time I left the claustrophobia into open space.)

I have some great signing table memories though.  Conversations on Coffee, chocolate, spoiling TVs (as Sarah likes to tell what's going to happen to those that haven't seen it yet) and Holly's distaste for zombies.

Signing Table Pictures:
Sarah writes funny stuff when she signs. ^_~ (I am Team Steal Stuff.)

We're just a little crazy.
*hand gesture to the negative*

Oh, remember when...
See, this is what I'm talking about.
That's not *exactly* how it happened... see...
I must Poke Cassie.

You ruin the Show for me.
She Tells ME whats going to happen.

I don't think it's ruining the show.

Just some of the crazy moments and conversations we had. It was total fun and total exhaustion.  I'm so very happy they came, and if I could thank them for it in any way I would. ^_^

What each of them has taught me:

Sarah: Telling people spoilers is okay. It's like sprinkles on cake. It makes the cake better. <-Her words not mine.

Holly: Working in a colloboration is cool.  It helps to have another mind when yours isn't working.

Cassie: Valentine in a clown suit is not the best edit. Instead we should try... (aka compromise)

Who else has memories from the event to share?

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